Friday, September 11, 2009

Oakland Raider on a Motorcycle (or Circa 70s)

Here's a football and motorcycle fan treat!

Tom Keating of the Oakland Raiders on what I believe is a Honda CB 750 (could be the 550, but he was a defensive lineman).

And those smiling brats? My brothers, sister, and me. Photo taken in Panama, circa early 1970s.

Championship in the Mud

Me playing in Pee-Wee league, Ketchikan, Alaska, circa 1970s. My team was the Rams, opponents were the Chiefs. Until this championship game we were undefeated.

There was an educating moment in this game for me. I had fallen on a fumble (my first ever) and as they all piled on top of me a player from the other team began stomping on my hand with his cleats to try and get me to drop the ball. I remember my eleven-year old brain thinking:

"Hey, this kid is trying to hurt me. That's not what the game is about. I thought we were all here to have fun...His father must have taught him that."

The men below probably appreciate that moment

Big Ben Davidson

There are some great photos of Mr. Davidson's bone-crushing, helmet stripping hits on the web...But I'm not sure I have permission to post those.

So, from my family's own vault, this beauty of both Mr. Keating and Mr. Davidson pausing for some lemonade during one of their annual Central American motorcycle trips.

In this photo you will also notice a beautiful Honda motorcycle (circa 1970s).

My mom remembers that we shared lemonade with the two Oakland Raiders.

I just realized where my love of football and motorcycles stems from...The Circa 70s!

Years later, me on my own Honda traveling 'Top of the World Highway', Alaska (circa '00s).

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